This page is dedicated to major development updates on Blade Runner 9732. The project is currently made for fun and during free time. If you want to know more about the early stages, you can check my blog post here, Project Genesis.

46. 4K Screenshots

I just rendered a few shots in 4K resolution. A bit heavy to load, sorry :/ It seems that Google Chrome is messing HDR JPG quality files badly… You’ll have a better rendering under Firefox or another browser.

45. Panoramas

Some followers asked me for 360° panoramas of the scene. Unfortunately, I cannot get the Ambient Occlusion post processing effect running on these shots and the light is not exactly as accurate as the Unity build for HTC Vive. Anyway, here are a few shots, thanks Sketchfab 😉      

44. Rain & Depth Of Field Experiments

I just added storm ambiance sounds and rain droplets on the balcony. DOF will not be activated in VR but it makes a quite interesting rendering.


At last I can show you some progress on the VR implementation of the scene. I’m now working on interactions with objects like glasses, bottles, gun, … Rachael still needs to be finetuned (textures, animations) but she already offers some presence in the apartment. I added a small script on the “look behavior” so she


As promised to the followers, here are several screenshots about improvements on bathroom assets. I also started the implementation of Rachael character inside the apartment. She’s now wandering through the rooms and looking at you when you get closer. I’m planning to build a more elaborated Animator Controller for her (playing piano, drinking vodka in


This is update #41 and here are a few build notes: New lighting setup. No more Direction Specular Lighmap, only Directional. New Reflection Probes setup. Less probe instances, high quality only when needed. New Post-Processing beta4 implementation Finetune particle systems City mod & texturing enhancement (Substance Painter) New Police Spinner animation & textures Better Global


Here is the latest lighting setup made with Unity 5.4. This time it seems to be right: Dark but not too dark, hazy and foggy with subtile HDR settings. I also changed a lot of light sources and I used Global Illumination with emissive materials as much as possible to get a better mood. Many items are now detailed, almost all

39. HDR and Post-Processing

I finally got some time to work on HDR rendering seriously and here are some results. Quite hazy but it should be to stick with the movie atmosphere. For now, all the lighting is Baked GI (Unity 5.4.0) plus a few area lights. I’m waiting for updates (I encountered several bugs with directional specular lightmaps) to implement Real-time GI and


This piece of Deckard’s apartment was a mystery for a long time. I googled quite hard on minibars, cocktails buffets,.. even darts… but I found nothing looking like this: At that point, my only hope was propsummit guys and Andrew Pokon made a wonderful discovery. He finally spotted the unknown buffet and bring us the answer on Blade Runner Propsummit Facebook Group.


As I mentioned in my last video preview, I’m not happy with lighting in the scene. I started a complete new lighting setup and here are some shots of it. Hope you’ll like it.

34. New Lighting Setup

Lighting is important… and it takes much more time than I though…. But here it goes, I started a complete new light setup in the entire apartment. I’ll try to get closer to the movie to offer a faithful experience.

32. New Piano model

The piano mesh had a lot of problems and a new topology had to be done. UVs were a real mess, it took too much space in lightmap. I would like to make it “playable” with moving keys when a song is playing. You should except to see Rachel sitting there of course. I jumped on the occasion to test Substance

31. General PBS enhancement

Almost all the objects of the living room are now physically based rendered. Lighting parameters were finetuned and there is no artefact anymore, light bouncing is much better! UV2 for lightmaps are optimized and all the scene is fitting in one single (directional) lightmap. The scene is now rendering in Deferred mode and linear color space. It

30. PBS for Esper Machine

Improvements on Esper Machine, again. This time, all the materials are correctly physical based shaded and the VoightKampff has found his true place 😉 Other previews will come as soon as the video sequence and screen animations are produced.

29. Kitchen Enhancement

I made new textures and UVs on every kitchen object to get better realistic results. It also optimizes lightmaps, they are now smaller and less expensive.  

28. Rachel into the apartment

Life is coming into the apartment. You should see Rachael wandering there, smoking her cigaret, asking questions to you… Deckard: Remember when you were six? You and your brother snuck into an empty building through a basement window. You were going to play doctor. He showed you his but when it got to be your

26. New lift cage mesh and materials

This weekend was dedicated to Substance Painter training and here are more realistic and good-looking lift walls and doors. Other props enhancement will follow.

25. Oculus SDK 0.5

Latest Oculus SDK is now implemented and the user is able to walk around the apartment for the first time. There is still a lot to do to optimize the VR experience and avoid framerate drops but some assets have already a really immersive aspect.

24. Fix Esper scrolling lights

Scrolling lights on the Esper was buggy when the user starts/stops the machine. This is fixed by resetting materials on “OnDisable” event. It helps to avoid unwanted loops in the scroll animation.

23. Sofa

Sofa UVs were not perfect and lighting artefact appeared at several places. This is now fixed and emmissive materials are now working correctly too. Otherwise, the sofa is not the final one. A more accurate mesh and substance materials will take place.

21. Items in the frigde

Milk and Belgian beer bottles can now be found in the fridge. The fridge door is done with a Gaussian blurred glass, just like in the movie, lighten from Inside.

20. City Buildings

The city buildings are completely remastered with better textures and meshes. Lighting is directly baked in 3DSMax with Mental Ray.

19. Esper machine V2.0

The previous Esper Machine was quite lowpoly and not fitting with the high resolution environment. Now, the screen submeshes are OK for light reflection and video material mapping.

18. Lightbaking iteration #5

Each object is now correctly uvmapped and lots of light artefacts are gone. The whole project is using 5 lightmaps (4096×4096, Directional) in total, much better than 16 (2048×2048) from the previous bakings.

17. Vodka Bottle and glass

New rare objects are now in the bathroom: A replica of the vodka bottle from the scene after Leon’s death. Not to forget: the little shot glass.

16. FPS Controller & Framerate

The “backward bug” on FirstPersonController is fixed. The player is no more jumping when going backward. The framerate counter shows a real frame-per-second value.


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