Fri, Jan 26 2018, Valve reported me a copyright complaint and BR9732 is now removed from Steam.

The complaint doesn’t come from Warner Bros., the IP holders. That’s why it’s a bit annoying to me and I’m trying to figure out because I have a clear agreement of principle from Warner Bros L.A. Digital Department since Nov 2017.

During these 3 years, I always made a point of honor to inform everybody through my devblog and social networks about this fan project,ย IP holders always first.

I’m really disappointed with that kind of behavior on a free fan made project generating $0 and not taking profit to anyone andย I want to insist on the fact that I would never have distributed this experience without the agreement of the IP holder.

At this moment, I’m waiting for one last clarification from WB but I still don’t have any reply from the plaintiff.

Keep in touch with the devblog or my twitter account. I’ll surely post some updates in the coming days.





Once again, I would like to thank everybody, donators, supporters, followers, fans, … I’m so glad all of you liked my work. The very positive review score and all the kind messages is the best reward ever!

I’ll also never forget that second week of Jan 2018 where I saw BR9732 first in the charts on New Popular Releases 3 days in a row right above PUBG ๐Ÿ˜ … all these guys testing on twitch and other funny youtube videos made me and my friends laugh quite a lot ๐Ÿ™‚



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  • StarLight - January 30, 2018 reply

    It might be some outsourced IP troll which pulled the trigger before checking facts first… Lets hope you return to Steam. Too bad you cannot publish details, it would be beneficial to the public.

  • Eldon Tyrell - January 30, 2018 reply

    “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long – and you have burned so very, very brightly, Quentin.”

  • Conscience constituent - January 30, 2018 reply

    I hope that you’ll come back on Steam soon,your work is awesome.
    Until then,see you space cowboy.

  • stallfish - January 31, 2018 reply

    It’s very bad. I cant look at this game any more -(

  • Luis Clement - January 31, 2018 reply

    Etremelly dissapointed to hear this news, keep fighting, never give up! Congratulation nonetheless, Luis.

  • Bob - January 31, 2018 reply

    Anyone got a “pirate” copy of this free game.

  • EAST - February 1, 2018 reply

    This is just terrible. I was exited to see the experience on Steam and all the good reviews it got there. Certainly you reached a bigger audience there.

    I hope you’ll still work on this awesome project though, I’ll keep follow it from here.

  • Joey - February 12, 2018 reply

    Bring this back! I was waiting on this for years and then I forgot. I didn’t have the chance to check it out ๐Ÿ™

  • Rjupa - February 12, 2018 reply

    I am in a similar position to Joey and many others who have followed your work but missed out on the window to download the experience. Please let us know any news regarding the takedown, and when we may get a second chance to enjoy this first-hand.
    Congratulations on your wonderful work.

  • Iago Alonso Alonso - February 13, 2018 reply

    DON’T GIVE UP!!! Thanks for this amazing project. **** WB and their stupid policies.
    You have all my respects, cheers.

  • IC - February 13, 2018 reply

    Best wishes,
    I hope this is one of those Copyright scammers and you find them, I know I am not the only one who has had similar claims against them, mine was just for having photos of aircraft manual covers on flikr, dating back to 1960’s lol, not even an airworthy aircraft, they just saw the aircraft company name and went for it, and similar to yours, not raised by the company of the aircraft, Never found out who they were, and not a lot I could do. Troll and Scammers by any other name. Looking forward to this being re-released and keep up the excellent work.

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